What causes underarm rashes

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Underarm rashes are common in everyone, and that is because they can be caused by so many factors. If you find yourself scratching at irritation or inflammation under your arm, there’s no need to panic. Underarm rashes are normal, but they can still be a pain in the neck and a nuisance throughout the day.

Naturally, because of the way the human body is biologically constructed armpits are warm and moist areas, breeding perspiration and bacteria. The sweat and bacteria that causes our armpits to sweat and smell is often fixed by a simple brand of deodorant. However while most people think underarm rashes are solely a result of poor hygiene, oftentimes the rash will be a result of the interaction between bacteria and deodorant. Sometimes the underarm rash may even just be an allergic reaction—perhaps to the deodorant, perfume, soaps, lotions, almost anything. Some people have even found that shaving cream and even just shaving can lead to irritation in the underarm area this is sometimes because of bacteria left on unclean razors.

Three things generate rashes: allergies, chafing and heat. When it comes to allergens causing underarm rashes the medical term is contact dermatitis which means that any substance that touches the skin will initiate some sort of allergic reaction. Chafing is friction or rubbing that produces irritation.

Our underarms are constantly touching our body and shirts, leading to a continual contact. The underarm is warm and moist, these factors mixed with heat will produce a deterioration of the skin or the epidermis. The cause of heat rash is often the most difficult to pinpoint because of all that can cause it. Certain fabrics (especially tight clothes), medications with side effects, and bacteria can all lead

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to overheating in the underarm area; this can result in the build-up of bacteria in sweat glands which can cause an irritating rash.

How can you avoid an underarm rash? Well to stop overheating in the underarm region you should wear loose and permeable fabric in humid weather. This will allow the underarm to properly air out and perspire. Use as little creams, ointments and perfumes to reduce any possibility of an allergic reaction or the clogging of sweat ducts. The sooner you can locate the cause of contact dermatitis the better—simply stop applying the product to the underarm, and the rashes should ease off.

Underarm rashes will eventually disappear, although this could take a few weeks’ time. Many convenience and drug stores sell special lotions and creams specifically for the purpose of deteriorating the rash and healing the affected area—many of these products will include calamine, hydrocortisone, or antihistamines. All of these are effective substance in healing and soothing irritated rashes. If you find that these are simply not working, seeing a doctor is definitely a smart choice. In very severe cases, a doctor can prescribe topical steroids, antibiotics, or even antifungal creams. To keep underarm rashes away, thorough clean your clothes after use (as well as any shaving products) and attempt to seek

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any substance that could cause contact dermatitis.

If creams and lotions do not seem like a valid option, there are many other products known to kill bacteria under the arm. Firstly, try non-irritating deodorant and see if the rashes disappear. Studies have also found that potassium alum (a cheap mineral in stone form) is effective in eliminating bacteria. Other products include baking soda (an eighth of a teaspoon mixed with water), the citric acid found in lemons and rubbing alcohol. If none of the above products work and you have not found the source of contact dermatitis, it may be useful to contact a doctor for further information.

Get rid of underarm rashes using these helpful steps! No one should live with the daily discomfort and itchiness caused by rashes. There are plenty of causes, but also plenty of treatments that can change the face of someone’s day. Why be bothered by the ceaseless itching and agony for hours? With the innumerable products designed specifically to help those in need getting rid of an underarm rash can be simple and managed efficiently. No more itches, no more pain, no more distress—arm yourself against underarm rashes!

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